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CMO Half-Day

CMO lift consultative strategy session




By spending half a day with your organization, CMO Lift will:

  • deep dive into your marketing strategy and provide clear direction on what needs to be improved to reach your goals

  • 4-hour Strategy Session for your team using the Functional Marketing® Framework to focus your marketing strategy. Custom, bespoke based on your companies needs

  • 7-day preparation period via email correspondence

  • deliver immediate marketing punch list, list of blindspots, and marketing campaigns for next 1-6 months

  • ... with an annual income of at least $1 Million

  • ... with a strong marketing team in place that can take a fresh and accurate strategy

  • ... in need of a marketing leader to keep the team on track and adjust priorities as campaigns launch

Take the first step to success and choose a CMO


Schedule a call

We’ll find out what your goals are and make sure its a good fit.


See Your Marketing Map

CMO Lift will create a comprehensive Functional Marketing® Systems Map with the insight they glean in the first 30 days working with you.


Execute in 60 days

We will build and guide your team to execute on the map for the next 60 days. They’ll provide an updated plan and execute every 90 days thereafter.

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